Our core expertise : Custom Built eCommerce Solutions
ecomIn an area where many have failed, we have succeeded. We have extensive experience in providing custom solutions in the ecommerce domain. We've helped businesses all around the world achieve their business goals in the most effective manner. We know it isn’t just about picking and choosing the right technology or right design, it’s about picking a team that understands the eCommerce domain and is passionate about delivering a product that will truly stand out in today's crowded market. We offer a total turnkey solution with features like
  1. Appealing web store front that targets your customers and make online shopping a pleasing experience
  2. Rotating banners on front page
  3. Product display with tags like On offer, New, Back in Stock
  4. Catalog and Product Management
  5. Manage Brand and Categories
  6. Manage Products on offer in a date range, lot range and campaign range
  7. Product content with [...] Read more

How to Market Your Business With A Low Budget

No matter what size your business is, everyone knows the value of developing a web presence. But like most investments, online marketing can be risky and expensive, especially if you’re a small business with a tight advertising budget. Investing in online marketing doesn’t have to be a gamble; there are plenty of marketing strategies that are cheaper than you think, and plenty of businesses have succeeded using inexpensive tactics. Marketing doesn’t have to be difficult, either – in our digital age, there’s an abundance of tools to measure and focus your marketing efforts. It’s easier than ever to gather valuable …


Rise above the rest, think different. Build your online reputition

Google your name and see what you get. A grunt tweet from an old dis-satisfied employee or product complaint from a customer lying around for many months and suddenly google seach engine has ranked it on the first page. There aren’t many people who would speak good about you even if you are doing an excellent job. You slip up once and in this modern digital world with laws not so strict about maligning some one’s reputation on line, suddenly you see that you are not shown in a positive light. I guess it could be time to catch bull by its …


Reasons to start your own personal / business blog

You are on facebook and linkedin and so are millions of other people. All facebook and linkedin profiles look alike after a while and it doesn’t set you apart from the crowd. Starting your own blog that reflects your personality and way of thinking is not so expensive these days …


Web Designing Trends and Predictions ahead…

With the open source technolgies and cloud making the virtual world more accessible and popular, there are ever so many websites on the internet, each, in one way or the other selling something. So how do you make your website be seen among so many? This is where web designing …

Strategies for creating a responsive design with HTML5, CSS and JavaScript

One of the biggest challenges facing development teams, who are increasingly becoming tasked with the job of targeting their applications to a multitude of different devices, is how to create the best user experience without overburdening their teams with an excessive amount of work, and intimidating costs for future application …