About Prashant Mendiratta

ERP Systems Programmer and eCommerce applications architect with hardcore programmer skills in java, asp & php as front end technologies and oracle, mysql and sql server as database technologies with more than 15 years of experience in this remarkable field of software programming and application development.

I have a clear knowledge and understanding of e-commerce web stores in terms of :

  • vulnerabilities in the code that the hackers can use to steal information and redirect the users to different websites.
  • scalability and robustness of the application. I know how a badly written code could render the web pages slow and non functional as the traffic goes up.
  • user interface and navigation. I know how a bad interface with for instance poor search and sort function hinder the user ability to find the product of his choice. I know how the back browser button function wrongly implemented could put off a user.
  • I bring more than just programming on the table. I don’t just ask what is needed and always come with ideas to make application better. That is an unusual quality in a programmer is what few people have told me.

Embarked on a satisfying IT long journey being employed with several companies for 8 years before finally hitting off on my own in 2006. The journey of last 7 years began with building one of the largest content aggregation and distribution software in UK with a strong subscriber database of hundreds of thousands of subscribers.


Post 2008, specialized in building large-scale ERP systems with great degree of automation in the domain of e-commerce retail. Fortune strikes the brave and 2 of these system went on to feature amongst the largest systems in their counties in European Union.

Life is a journey and you reach a destination only to plan where to go next. In its pursuit for perfection, I am rediscovering myself to become the one-stop destination for total web solutions.

In this age of Internet marketing, there is a compelling need to have a unique and refreshingly different website to lure visitors and keep them glued to your website. Our expert web development team is fully equipped to provide your company the type of sophisticated web design that will stand out.

We are there for you to create for your company a truly inspiring website with crisp coherent text, elegant typography, eye-catchy color combination, easy navigation, links to social networking sites, appropriate images, photo realism, rich textures and patterns, RSS feeds, SEO-friendly content to attain high-ranking and a grunge design to highlight your company brand image.

We are using  web 2.0, today’s ascendant technology, to completely harness the potential of the Internet and provide appropriate web applications to facilitate interactive sharing of information, customer-generated content, social networking, blogs, video-sharing and lot more – as opposed to dumb websites where visitors could only browse the content and remain passive spectators.

Our solutions go beyond just web development. Using industry knowledge, we offer market research, innovative online marketing strategies, customer relation management, E-commerce solutions, enhancement of revenue opportunities and increased order conversion ratio.

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