Booze Benefits – Hiccups ! : Prashant Mendiratta

Contrary to many health claims; drinking alcohol has no health benefits. It is a big publicity propaganda that obviously beneifts cash rich corporates that equates daily moderate drinking with eating an apple a day. Drinking induces fatigue and drinking at little as half a drink could cause your nerve cells to die.

People in India never had it so good with plenty of options available these days. The liquor shops are coming up everywhere and display quality is akin to cloths & electronics shops. We are reaching a stage where not offering alcohol to your guests is becoming a mini insult.


If you must drink; I guess it would help to take some precautions.

Never drink alone; always drink in the company of friends; this might compensate you by increasing your social quotient.

Drink expensive. Buy the most expensive brand.

Always let the other people talk. This would make it boring and you will interest in the conversation and perhaps drinking.

Never eat take outs after or during driking.

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