Control your thoughts; don’t let them control you : Prashant Mendiratta

thoughtsDo you get up in the middle of the nights full of sweat and breathing heavily? Do you get a thought and another thought and then another one in a continuous stream. Do you get anxiety pangs when something goes wrong or something happens outside your comfort zone like a missed flight, a flat tire, an argument at work?

Do you realize why this is happening to me? Well the answer is simple my friend; you are just getting old. And don’t fool yourself by saying Oh.. I am just forty I am in a middle age. If 40 is a middle age then you are going to live till 80 and if you have started getting negative thoughts already, it is unlikely that you will survive till the age of 80.

Ok, some people will accept that they are getting old and they don’t want to grow older at  a pace greater than their peers. Well the answer lies in few simple words “Control your thoughts”. Easier said than done.controlthoughts

The most effective solution to this problem is what people in India have been practising for thousands of years. It is called YOGA. Some people say that if Indian people spend more time and energy in cleaning their sewers than Yoga, may be India could be a better place to live. Don’t let this argument fool you. The answer to your problem of having a mind which is always preoccupied with thoughts is Yoga even it has its root in a 3rd world country like India.

sunsalutationComing from such a diverse country with a rich cultural history of thousands of years, naturally Yoga comes in different forms and traditions. Two of the most popular forms are Patanjali Yoga and Hatha Yoga. Hatha Yoga is used as physical system of health and exercises for  physical body with its asanas. Patanjali  Yoga Sutras focus on discipline of the mind.

First you need to master Hatha Yoga and it is after years of practice in Hatha Yoga that one is ready for Patanjali Yoga Sutras.

Hatha Yoga is widely thought in New Delhi and Sivananda Yoga Center is one of the better places to learn Hatha Yoga. Once you have mastered all the asanas which should take at least 8-10 months, next step would be go in for Meditation and Positive thinking lessons.

The essence of meditation is that all happiness achieved through mind is temporary. To achieve lasting happiness one must calm his mind wherein you will not be overjoyed with your little successes which will insulate you from falling in to grief when the tragedy strikes.patanjali

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