Cuisines of the world in your plate : Prashant Mendiratta

Food and Beverage industry is finally getting its due in New Delhi. We have fine dinning restaurants of the best cuisines in the word and best of wines to pair it with.

Top 10 cuisines in the world as I see are :

1. Indian (Tandoori & Mughlai)tandoori

2. Indian South Indian

3. Indian Coastal

You can’t describe in words the wonders of Indian cuisine; the most sophisticated and diverse cuisine in the world. People around the word swear by Murg Malai Kabab, Rara Gosht and Naan. Indian food is usually very spicy and best eaten with hands; though all top indian restaurants provide cutlery. Unlike the western world where people usually eat food in courses; Indians take delight in eating everything together. So on a famous Indian Thali you see 25 different types of food items and it is a marvelous sight watching indian people mix so many different types of food in a single helping of spoon or fingers. The most famous anecdote about eating Indian food is when I eat, my throat is on fire and next day morning my ass is on fire.

4. Chinese

chineseChinese world is the most widely eaten food in the world. Every major city in the world has a CHINA TOWN full of chinese take outs and eateries. You can’t beat the Chinese food in its diversity and variety. The unique thing about chinese food is that the food is served in small pieces and it would be a sacrilege to serve chinese food with a knife. Chinese food like Indian food is easy to share so you will see 4-5 different types of food on a diner’s plate. They say that India has its own version of chinese food. Yet it is so yummy.. Yet to meet anyone who doesn’t like Chinese food.

5. Thai HdThaifood2

Thai food is all about balance of tastes. A single dish will be a mix of hot, sour, bitter and sweet so delicately mixed that no one flavour is over powering the others. Thai food is similar to chinese in its generous use of fresh herbs and bite sized pieces making it easier to serve and share. I would swear by Thai coconut flavoured red and green gravy anytime. Thai food usually is accompanied by steamed rice.

6. Italian

italianItalian cuisine is mostly famous for its pizzas and pastas in India. There is a lot of tomato and black pepper in almost every Italian dish. Italian food has gained in popularity so much in Indian kitchens that it is difficult to imagine your weekly menu planning without Pizza and Pastas.

7. Frenchfrench

French cuisine is the haute cuisine of the west. In India it is the cuisine of classes where Italian is the cuisine of masses. Cheese and wine is an integral part of every meal and this is the most famous aspect of French food. Never ask for water with a french meal as it is a kind of insult to french cuisine to pair it with water. Usually french food is eaten in courses where you need to finish one course before they bring the another. So eating french food could be like watching a theatre; slow and lengthy. I feel that french is an over rated cuisine as I am yet to see a genuine french food lover in New Delhi.

8. Spanish

spanish-cuisineFor most Indians it is difficult to tell Spanish cuisine apart from French and Italian. Spanish cuisine is all about sea food; though it contains a large variety of meat, fish and vegetables. If you eating prawns on a stick in  a haute cuisine restaurant in New Delhi; probably it is a spanish dish.

9. Mexicanmexican

Mexican food that we eat today is greatly influenced by Spanish food. It would take a real food connoisseur of tell Mexican food apart from Spanish food. Indians are no great admirers of Mexican food. So many restaurants add a lot of chilli to spice up the Mexican food.

10. Japanese

Japanese-restaurant-week-new-yorkJapanese food is all about how good it looks in a dinner plate. It really presents a pretty picture. You can photograph it and hang it on a wall along with your picassos and monets and still it would hold out on its own. Unique thing about Japanese cuisine is that it is mostly raw. Japanese believe that you are killing the food by heating it; could be true as the science also says that you kill the vitamins and minerals in the food even if you moderately heat it.

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