• ERP Systems Programmer and e-Commerce applications solutions architect
  • 15 Years hands on experience in developing & delivering large-scale web applications on varied server platforms like IIS, Tomcat, Weblogic & Apache with Oracle, mysql & sql server being the database servers
  • Hardcore programming & development skills in Java, classic ASP, Oracle PL / SQL and SQL Server T-SQL
  • Concise and clear understanding of HTTP platform, Electronic data interchange and e-commerce business logic

Professional Experience

1. Oct 2008 till date: Contract programmer and developer for EU based e-commerce Companies in Finland & Sweden and India based premium educational institutions. Worked on J2EE and classic ASP with extensive use of stored procedures and triggers in SQL Server.

  • Fully designed and programmed the e-Commerce applications from scratch.
  • Zero downtime in last 5 years. Zero complaints for slow or inaccurate performance of web stores
  • Robust, Scalable and Secure applications.
  • Overcame the hurdles of language barriers and cultural differences in dealing with the support staff of the web stores and technical staff of 3rd party services.
  • Zero vulnerabilities in code that hackers could exploit to steal information and/or redirect users to infected web sites.
  • Built the community content by creating several athlete blogs (now well established) and interlinking them in a manner which is still unique.
Job Responsibilities:
  • Integration with 3rd party payment processing system, warehouse management system, SMS gateways, logistics system, price comparison systems via EDI and XML.
  • Propose and implement in consultation with UK bases designer, new promotional campaigns and special offers
  • Consult the client on new add-on features and functions.
  • Suggest ways in consultation with a designer to keep the website fresh looking and implementing the new graphics and style sheets.
  • Keeping a tab on how the search engines are viewing websites and making tweaks in accordance with several search engines specifications that keep coming from time to time; for instance creation, authentication and submission of site maps for new search engines.
  • Monitor application performance and regularly back up the code and database. Keep the online database clean and current by periodically archiving old records and using them only for reports and stats creation.
  • Routine testing and debugging of the application and the payment systems.
  • Putting off fires as and when they occur in the admin interface.

2. May 2006 – Sept 2008 : Head Operations & Software Projects Delivery with a UK-based online content aggregator and distributor. Worked on PHP / MySQL on Linux.

Job Responsibilities:
  • Complete Management of Portal Development and Support
  • Active co-coordination with UK, AUS & US Managing Directors with regards to sales and marketing activities like assisting in preparing sales quotes, lead generation, exploring new avenues for online advertizing and sales reporting.
  • Direct liaison with clients for delivery of online ad bookings, making of invoices, preparing sales follow reports like click-thru counts, open rates etc.
  • Utilizing the current platform to market the software development services to 3rd parties, sending promos, making ball parks and finally executing & delivering.
  • Actively tying up with 3rd party content management companies to subscribe to our news feed.

# 1 portal in the world for Travel & Tourism Community with over 450,000 registered subscribers

3. May 2003 – April 2006 : Head Operations & Software Projects Delivery with Delhi based software development company. Worked on J2EE, ASP.NET & PHP technologies.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Managing the interpersonal dynamics of customers’ relationship to optimize the customer value to the company
  • E-Commerce platform development
  • Database Maintenance and Mining
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Recruiting and retaining quality manpower

4. Feb 2002 – April 2003: Head Operations & Project Manager with Stellar Web Studios, Bangalore, India. It is an offshore development center for Denver, Colorado based company. Worked on J2EE and classic ASP technologies.

Job Responsibilities:
  • Driving and coordinating the team for delivery of quality projects, which are, correct, efficient, reliable, scalable, robust, tested (QA) and available
  • Providing online support and service to the clients on phone and Net chat
  • Complete focus on quality standards and processes
  • Security, system administration and 24/ 7 monitoring of servers located in US
  • Direct communicating with customers in US during all the stages of Project Development, implementation and usage
  • Complete documentation of the process and project’s technical data
  • Recruiting high quality manpower, maintaining the databank for all categories of developers
  • Made Indian operations independent of US operational control
  • Established the communication flow with the parent office and customers to track the progress of the projects leading to 100 % success
  • Recorded profit within the first year of operations
  • Doubled the manpower strength along with the infrastructure requirements

5. Jan 2001 – Jan 2002 Software Engineer, ZapApp India Ltd., Bangalore, India. ZapApp India Ltd is an offshore software development center and subsidiary of American Driving Records, CA, USA. Worked as Senior developer in purely J2EE technologies.

Job Responsibilities:
  • Leading a team of developers as Project Leader
  • Transition of process from US to India
  • Ensuring quality standards for development and testing
  • Complete technical documentation of the process

6. Aug 1999 – Dec 2000: Developer/Project Lead Churchill Software Systems, Bangalore. It’s an Oracle Application development Center, a Business Alliance partner of Oracle UK. & a subsidiary of Churchill Offshore Services UK. Worked as developer in purely J2EE technologies.

Job Responsibilities:
  • Building a complete eCRM project
  • Complete project documentation
  • Coordinating with the entire team for the success
  • Evolving quality standards for development and testing.
  • Was rated 9/10 in the company and was entrusted with the task of evangelizing the eCRM solution for a UK-based publishing house called Kroner Publishers

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