Do something that the world will find awesome : Prashant Mendiratta

www2In this economy with people loosing jobs and new entrants find it difficult to get a job; you come across several people asking for advice.

You also come across many youngsters who really don’t need to work; but still want to work to get an occupation and recognition.

Most of us must have noticed that many of such people end up working as Property Dealers or agents for builders. They may be making good money; but let me ask you is it a profession that is trendy.

So; choose a profession of the new millennium. Go online. Most of us are already online with profiles on Facebook and Twitter. We are all socially connected with each other. We need to discover a way how to monetize our new-found passion with online technology.

First of all online business is not unlike a traditional business where you need lot time and patience to earn yourwww3 first buck. If you are in hurry to earn money; get a job where you will get paid at the end of the month. In an online business you need to give your sweat and blood for 1000 days before you could think of making money.

The basic advantage of doing an online business is that it is trendy, it is what the world finds awesome; it gets you far more recognition than a traditional business will get you.

You must be asking yourself “What can I start as an online business?”.

The answer is that you have to really ask yourself where your passion lies.

www4If you have good writing skills or you could inculcate them and you are confident that you could write something that people would like to read you could start with blogging. Actually these days people would pretty much read anything as long as it is presented attractively. Once you have a couple of dozens posts in your blog; you could start marketing your blog by passing the link on your facebook page. This would immediately provide a kickstart to your blogging career. Once you have had at least 1000 views on your blog; you could consider submitting your blog to google adsense which once implemented could start generating some revenue for you.

As you build up good traffic and followers to your blog; you could start interviewing people, writing restaurants and movie reviews on chargeable basis.

If not so confident of writing skills you could start your online store like Myntra and Zabong. Online shipping is going www1to be the most growing business in times to come. Start small by selling things like cosmetics online and gradually expand to include everyday items like Clothes, Shoes, Watches, Mobiles… True, it is going to take considerable investment and effort to start and run your own online stores; and you need to stay focussed and motivated for a very long period of time (1000 days) before you start receiving the benefits.

Another online avenue that I see doing well in times to come is to start your own review engine for Fine Dine Restaurants, Night Clubs, Bars,24 hours coffee shops, Beauty and Spas, Hotels and Travel and Pets; something on the lines of Yelp or Zomato. Initially you might have to give free listing to big names and you grow bigger and popular, you could start charging money.

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