Freelance or a Regular Job

Working in a large organization, you don’t work alone. You are always a part of the team. Success or failure of a project is a collective success or failure. You really don’t know where you stand.

freelance-qnsI decided to move out from the comfortable environs of a big company and went SOLO as a freelancer doing contractual jobs some 5 years ago. During these years built up the success stories on eCommerce and content aggregation. This really gave me lot of confidence in my abilities as working alone all by yourself you are responsible for your own successes and failures. There isn’t any one else to blame.

I know how to build a large-scale solution. There isn’t any challenge in building another one.

The downside however of working alone is that exactly this. You are alone. There is no human interaction with any one. It gets boring after a while. And this is exactly what has happened to me. I am tired of working all alone.

I have come to a stage where I am willing to give my lucrative freelance work for a regular low paid job in a British Company. I have tried to fight my way to get what I am earning presently  as a freelance. It is a rather far fetched wish as no company will pay as well to its employees as it pays to outside contractors.

I understand this and would willingly work at a lesser salary, the reason being is I am yearning to get back to working in a team. How I miss the office politics, the water cooler moments, playing ping pong & snooker, climbing up the office stairs in stair racing, the office parties, the office picnics. I have come to a stage where I find these things are not quantifiable in terms of its value in money.

At the same time you have a family who have got used to your high level of earnings. You need to justify moving to another location. Money really plays a big part in our lives.

I am confident that the little formula that I have suggested to my prospective employers will work out in a better package for first one year and by then I would have got ample oppurtunities to prove myself and demand a higher pay later. The only reason I can say this with surety is that I have worked alone and I am confident that nothing is beyond you once you put your mind to it.

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