Get variety in your fitness routine

The best fitness regime for you is the one that has a lot of variety. All exercise routines are beneficial to begin with. After a while your muscles start getting used to one type of exercise and it gets monotonous to do the same thing over and over for a long period of time. One type of exercise done over a long period stop being so effective as it used to be when you had started.

Have you noticed our Cricketers playing footballs and catching a swim. Why do they do this. Doesn’t playing cricket gives then all the exercise that they need. They do it to break monotony of mind and body.


Stay motivated. You hear these words very often in the self-help books and training manuals.  You will realize the importance of these 2 words only once you are in to several months of your fitness routine. Many people still find the energy to go the whole distance but somehow down the line they lose motivation.

If you are a regular Gym goer you would have  definitely noticed that faces change almost everyday. In every Gym there are only a handful of faces that show up at least 4 times in a week even though everyone has paid for the entire year in the beginning itself.

Ideally a fitness regime should include cardio, weight training and stretching and some rest. Try this :

  • Monday (Cardio) : Badminton
  • Tuesday (Weight Training) : Gym
  • Wednesday (Stretching) : Yoga
  • Thursday(Cardio) : Swimming
  • Friday ( Weight Training) : Gym
  • Saturday(Stretching) :  Pilates
  • Sunday : Rest

and change the sequence next week and don’t forget to have fun. Nothing is worth doing in this life; you are not having fun doing it.

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