Glorification of criminals : Are we a great nation?

A nation is as great as the people living in it. Are we a great nation? This is debatable as at every stage in our lives we meet people with suspect ethics and morals.

crimeglorifyWe tend of blame politicians for our ills. India is a democratic country. There is no point blaming congress party for ills as we have elected them to be our rulers for last 50 years. We take pleasure in glorification of criminals as evident from the cries of sympathies for our beloved actor, Sanjay Dutt.

Supreme court sentenced him to 5 years of imprisonment after examining all facts and evidence and it took our judicial system 20 years to arrive at this sentence. Do you take the highest legal authority made an error of judgement. Sanjay Dutt has become so reverent that even a former judge and a cabinet minister have pleaded that Sanjay Dutt should be pardoned.

Sanjay Dutt case is not a unique case in nature. Ajay Jadeja was banned from cricket for 5 years for his involvement in a betting scandal. Yet when he got married the creme de la creme of society were in attendance including the then Prime Minister. pardon

Another case in point is the recent celebration of Subroto Roy’s grand child which was attended by all the 4 pillars of our society, Judiciary, Top industrialists, Bureaucrats and Politicians. Don’t they know that Subroto Roy has been accused for swindling millions of investors by Supreme Court.


Why our politicians, bureaucrats and industrialists are not scared with associating with people who have committed crimes and these crimes have been widely reported? They are not scared as they know that our society is lenient towards rich, powerful and famous criminals. These people when get caught evoke sympathies from general public and whoever pleads for pardon for such people automatically becomes heroes in public eye. Some would say that perhaps media is responsible for this glorification of rich and powerful criminals. Media is a just a representation of people wishes and desires. Media prints what people would like to read and not path breaking news. Media like Politics is a reflection of society ethos and values.

Suresh Kalmadi chief protagonist of Common Wealth games scandals is considered nothing short of a Maharaja in his native place of Pune.

As long as there is poverty and illiteracy in our country, we shouldn’t expect any changes in our society. As a common man in the society work culture and ethics is the last thing on people’s minds.

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