I bought a T-shirt @ Myntra and a pair of levis @ Jabong : Prashant Mendiratta

Online-shopping-girl-illustrationMyntra and Jabong are undisputed leaders in selling clothes and accessories on world wide web. Did you ever doubt that online sales will be such runaway hits as we have seen last couple of years.

Things are going to get even better with Reliance rolling out its 4 G pan india network in few months; making good quality bandwidth available to 2/3/4 ties towns in India.

I guess pretty soon lot of new players will get on to this bandwagon and we will see an extensive publicity drive in coming months.

Why would I buy from an online store. Answer is easy for someone living in a 2 tier town. Adidas, Nike, Benetton can’t open enough stores to cover all parts of India. I can get the best of stuff, check out the best discounts and trends from leading brands and order online and become the envy of the town the next time I wear it.

Ok; let us see what a guy living in Delhi has to say. There are some nice totally westernized malls in Delhi offering buymore variety and better experience that one would get from an online store. Well; there is a time factor. You need to negotiate Delhi traffic and heat. And very often you will don’t want to get in to a store with bright lights; it is unnerving at times. Well it could be different for a youngster for whom buying needs to be a well rounded experience where hanging out with friends, eating out, mall walking, window shopping could be all a part of just buying a shirt.

I takes all sort of people to make this world and doesn’t matter how many malls are there in the city online shopping will continue to grow.

2nd argument is clothes need to fit you; so you need to try them out in a trial room. Going by this logic you would assume that stuff like groceries where no trial is needed should be the most selling items on world wide web. Strange as it seems Clothes and Shoes are the most selling item on the web and people just buy them online without trying. The branded clothes come with standard sizes so if you are an avid shopper you would know your size.

9320033-online-shopping3rd argument is paying by credit card or internet banking. Are my details safe. Well in the present context it doesn’t matter as every one is giving you COD (cash on delivery) option. And they are comfortable doing it as they save on the bank/credit card charges and since they have thier own logistics system in place; it doesn’t cost them anything extra to collect cash at your doorstep at the time of delivery.

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