It boosts up your happiness quotient – Do you need another reason? : Prashant Mendiratta

It is no great discovery that everyone needs some form of physical activity. Everyone knows it; yet there are not many people you see during your morning walks, evening yoga sessios and weekend(s) badminton practice. You always wonder why this is so.

imagesCAXOFTN5Going to gym, jogging and running is a loner activity. You have a choice to to do it with or without a group. Lot of people do it alone. They are scared to getting in to a group as one of the inner most fears that everyone has is how other people would judge me; by the way I talk, dress, car that I drive, restaurants that I visit, vacations that I take. Sometimes a bold person will get in to a group to start with; but it doesn’t last long as he becomes judgemental about others. Oh.. that guy drinks too much; that guy is always criticizing his wife and so on. So a foolish man comes out of the group thinking that the group will not survive; but the group does survive as there are intelligent people in the group and this is how the group got started in the first place.

A loner activity naturally becomes boring after a while; and you stop exercising. No one gets tired from physical activity. On contrary it charges you up. It is the boredom associated with the activity that makes you tired and disables you from going further. Often you will hear people sissying that they don’t have time to exercise. I guess it is just thier brains playing tricks with them as a boredom is a very powerful weapon that stops you from doing what is good for you and so in being judgemental.

Best option is to make things interesting and lively. Get in to sports where you need people to play with. Unlike a party where people don’t necessarily have to get together at one time; you need other players to assemble at an exact time and place. Usually there will always a person who will take intiative in booking court, sending whatspapp messages and you just need to go along. You can contribute your bit by always going in time, bring sports gear like balls, shuttlecocks and turning up smartly dressed and always laughing at other people jokes.


Games and after games party always go in tandem. You should never shy away from after games cocktails, mocha coffees or just fooling around bullying each other.

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