It is ok not to like something or some person, but not ok hating anyone or anything…

hateSeveral times you would have heard the voice of disapproval in your head regarding a person or a thing. It is OK. In this big world there are so many people and things and it is natural if you don’t like some of the god’s creation or men.

“Oh..I don’t like this fat baldy person. I hate the way he dresses up”

“I hate getting stuck in traffic”

“I hate eating boiled and so called healthy food”

“I don’t like meditation”

Hate is a very strong emotion and has the capacity to wreck your emotional and psychological well-being. It is OK not to like your neighbour who has a habit of encroaching on your parking space. It is not OK to develop negative feeling toward that person as your negative feelings are only going to harm you and nobody else.

karma2As you get in to your hate mode; just take a step back and think “Is it worth risking your mental make up,” and count up to 10 and repeat in your mind several times, “I am not going to hate or develop negative feeling towards anyone irrespective of provocation.” We have been listening on FM radio how cleverly the radio jockey calls up people and speak funny things and makes people lose their temper. People do it so easily with so little provocation which makes me think, “Is the mental make up of a general population so fragile that it takes so little to make them lose control over their mind and language.”

Strong negative emotions tend to make people judgmental and it makes people loud and forceful when faced with conflicting situations and ideas. This could the first sign that perhaps you are getting to depression or mood swings problems. This is your Karma. What goes around comes around. Usually people who have spent their lives thinking and talking negative about others get afflicted with psychological problems that wreck your social and family life.

Charity begins at home. You can repair your Karma by looking after your elderly parents. Be a companion to them karmaand not the caretaker. Mostly the conversation between an elderly person and his son starts and ends with the medicines that he is taking and the doctor that he is going to.


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