It’ll be vacation time soon. Have you been to SINGAPORE yet? : Prashant Mendiratta

beautiful-singapore-cityscape-1600x1066I am sure it is at the back of everybody’s mind that once the financial year closing is behind me, I need to start planning for the family vacation.Technology has made travel planning and booking so easy that you don’t have to move away from your PC to do it except if you need to get your passports renewed or apply for VISA. True there are agents to do this kind of stuff; but there is some thrill involved if you do this yourself too.

merloinOne can also call up MakeMyTrip and Dpaul to enquire about their packages and if you do the maths, the package rates almost match with the prices you get if do the booking yourself. Only difference that I see is that you get a hotel of your choice. The positive thing about these guys is usually they take care of your meals. Believe when I say this that the most difficult part about vacationing abroad is what to eat and where to eat. There is so much variety that you are really spoilt for choice.

If you haven’t been to Singapore yet or been to Singapore just once; I would recommend Singapore as the most ideal and safe location closest to home. It is so clean and green with so many tourist attractions.

orchardroadCleartrip, Yatra and MakeMyTrip could help you giving you the comparative analysis of the airfare prices. For hotel bookings; I would recommend expedia and agoda. If you are interested in cooking your meals in Singapore; you could look at the service apartment option from Somerset.

Try staying close to the MRT station as Singapore is very well connected by Metro just like New Delhi. Amazing isn’t it, comparing New Delhi metro network to Singapore metro network. Well guys it is true our Delhi Metro is just as good or may be even better.

zooHave you been to TripAdvisor. If not; I would strongly suggest you to go there. I feel no travel planning is complete without TripAdvisor. It is like google for travel & vacation.

As you start packing for your vacation; first thing that all families usually pack is their box of medicines. Some would even call up their family doctor and ask for medicines to carry during the flight, while in Singapore and you would carry and mark medicines for common ailments like stomach ache, cold, flu, fever, headache and so on..

birdparkA tip here is that you really don’t need any common ailments medication in Singapore. There is no need to carry medicines unless you are suffering from chronic ailments. The quality of air, water and food is definitely far better and our Indian immunity system hardened by constant exposure to heavily polluted air, food water is more than a match for what Singapore can throw at you.

universalAnother tip here is; don’t carry US $. Carry Singapore $. You are not going to be spending US $ in Singapore as no one accepts US $ and you need to any way convert US $ in to Singapore $. So you tend to lose out on 2 conversions. Another thing is don’t use your debit card to withdraw cash; the bank charges could be as high as 7.5%.

Ideally 6 nights stay is minimum for see Singapore for its worth. Less than this it would be a bit of injustice to such a beautiful country Singapore has become lately.

Suggested Itinerary :

Day 1: Orchard Street, Botanical Garden
Day 2 : Singapore city tour covering Padang Cricket Club, Parliament House, the City Hall , Merlon Park
Day 3: – Bird Park, Some Shopping Mall, Night Safari
Day 4: Universal Studios, Sentosa Islands
Day 5: Singapore Flyer, Dinner at Clarke Quay
Day 6 : China Town, Little India and Mustafa Bazaar (maybe)


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