Little voice in your head : Prashant Mendiratta

You know it very well that in order to just survive you need to stay fit. Healthy mind survives in a healthy body; so ideally your mind should always be telling you to get up and start exercising. Sadly it doesn’t happen this way. There is always a little voice telling you to say in you couch at home; there is beer in the fridge; your maid is deep frying pakodas; your wife nagging you, “can’t you just stay at home with your kids”. Your mind is yelling at you to just say at home.

Now; how to come out of this?


You should pick up an exercise that you just love. Go back to your younger days and pick up something that you really loved like the sound of the cricket bat hitting the red ball.

Keep changing the environment. So never go to one place all days in a week; always keep some options like make a badminton group, make a separate swimming group, a differnt yoga group..

Don’t push yourself hard. It is hard to love a game where you are loosing all the time; so in the begninning try to team up with a stronger partner where you are winning sometimes. As you practice and your game improves; you can return the favor by teaming up with a weaker partner.

Make buddies with your playing partners. When your inner demons are ordering you to stay at home, a buddy partner will bail you out by calling you and reverse nagging you; sometimes coming home to pick you up.

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