Nani Ji Expired

We all come in to this world screaming and shouting. Some go away the same way. There are some lucky ones who pass away in their deep sleep.

One such person in her nineties I happened to know indirectly fell in to coma and passed away few days later. I saw people with sad faces at the cremation including my friend whose Nani Ji she was.

quote-sms-when-you-were-born-you-were-cryingI happened to be a son who performed the last rites of his father who in his final years suffered a lot. The chemotherapy injections took away his health, made him susceptible to all kinds of infections and finally took a toll on this mental well-being. So at a young age I found how fragile our body is and finally my father after being in excruciating pain for much of his sickness duration passed away.

For the people who mourn after their dear ones pass away, I think it is an event to celebrate if the person is lived his/her life to the fullest and did not go thru much of sufferings of a deadly disease. In Hindu mythology a soul never dies any way and takes a new one this case Nani Ji’s soul finally got a chance to replace its old and aging body with a new one who is just born in to this world. Wonder the new-born baby who came with Nani Ji’s soul, how much did he/she shouted and screamed coming in to this world.

Well my friend who is an intelligent bloke  and whom we tease by saying that he is from a different world, a world much higher than the world we live in, somehow read the message in my eyes when I met him and customarily shook hands on Nani Ji’s Chautha. He turned up to play baddy the next day and we started sharing funny SMS messages soon after.

I feel privileged to having met such a guy and being friends with him.

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