OMG! The Beautiful Spring : Prashant Mendiratta

spring4In winters we tilted away from Sun giving us long and dark evenings & night; summers we tilt towards the Sun getting lot of Sunshine and heat that goes along with it.

In Spring the most beautiful season of the year, the sun shines equally on both the north and south hemispheres of the Earth. Spring really is a season of flowers. Many kinds of flowers bloom in Spring.

The spring season 2013 started on 20th March with end of March particularly windy with few spells of rains and let us see what April has in store for us.

spring3We will however definitely see that the weather is warming up  and the leaves we saw fall and flowers we saw wilt are now budding into lush, green, picture-perfect plants. As little heat rolls back in to our lives, we start to pick up the slack and start some physical activities.

Spring may have its drawbacks to our health with fluctuating allergies in the changing of seasons, but overall it is a positive season of new beginnings in weather, agriculture and self-awareness to take care of ourselves, and our surroundings.

For those of us with allergies, spring is also a wake up call for our immune systems. The ever-changing weather and excess pollen leaves the allergy-ridden population with running noses and sore throats when not prepared. To fight these transformations affecting our bodies negatively, loading up on vitamins like Vitamin C will help.


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