Open Source or Custom Built

Open-Source-Whats-TrendingNow you have a developer in your bag , next big decision on the radar is what to choose as a platform for your web application. Should it be an inexpensive open source technology solution or an expensive custom built application. Each one has its own merits. Solution built on open source technology platform are usually easier to roll out and hence cheaper. A bulk of code can be taken off the shelf and with a bit of customization; it is good to go.

Security and scalability could be a challenge in open source code as these components written mostly by freelance developers are not certified for the robustness, scalability and security by independent authorities.

Ok, you might be thinking let me go for a custom built solution if it has so many merits. Well this decision could cost you a leg, a house or in some cases both. In all its fairness, custom built applications are lot more demanding from the developer point of view and it requires a great degree of involvement sometimes a part of your life to churn out a successful application.
ecommSolConfused.:). Well if you need to rise above the clutter, you need to think differently.

No developer worth its merit would recommend an open source for enterprise level mission critical applications where even a tiny mistake could make you loose money. Lot of web stores started in open source code shift subsequently to custom built carts as they get more popular and more often than not you will see that stores not making the transition have shut their doors.

If  it a simple not critical application like a website for information and not for transaction or a digital magazine or just a blog, it would be foolish to invest in a custom built expensive application. Open source platforms like wordpress, joomla and drupal have been around for many years now and proven their worth.

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