Our core expertise : Custom Built eCommerce Solutions

ecomIn an area where many have failed, we have succeeded. We have extensive experience in providing custom solutions in the ecommerce domain. We’ve helped businesses all around the world achieve their business goals in the most effective manner.

We know it isn’t just about picking and choosing the right technology or right design, it’s about picking a team that understands the eCommerce domain and is passionate about delivering a product that will truly stand out in today’s crowded market.

We offer a total turnkey solution with features like

  1. Appealing web store front that targets your customers and make online shopping a pleasing experience
  2. Rotating banners on front page
  3. Product display with tags like On offer, New, Back in Stock
  4. Catalog and Product Management
  5. Manage Brand and Categories
  6. Manage Products on offer in a date range, lot range and campaign range
  7. Product content with photos and videos
  8. Video Gallery
  9. Blogs
  10. Product Review & Ratings
  11. Website Feedback
  12. Social Media Widgets
  13. Shopping cart with the facility to apply discount code, buy 2 get 3 and product stack feature where many products are clubbed together and sold as one
  14. Out of stock, In stock display with facility to add notification for out of stock products where they are back on stock
  15. Product Slection screen allowing shoppers to select on the basis of size, flavour and colour.
  16. Choice of Free Gift selection depending upon cart total
  17. Customer Management – Registration, Auto Log-in, Account Dashboard
  18. Campaign Management – Summer Campaign, Xmas Campaign, New Year Campaign
  19. Check out process offering different payment processing channels like banks, credit cards, klarna and paypal
  20. Dynamic VAT Management to calculate VATs depeding upon the buyers regions.
  21. Email notification system sending email on New Registration, Forgot password, Order Confirmation and Back in Stock products.
  22. Order Tracking integrated with 3rd party logistics company creating address labels
  23. Order Tracking integrated with 3rd party SMS company sending delivery information texts.
  24.  Inventory Management integrated live with 3rd party warehousing solutions.
  25.  Auction & Bidding System with automated email notification to winners
  26.  Full fledged Admin CMS panel controlling every aspect of website.
  27. Admin order tracking to show / update confirmed orders, pending orders, cancelled orders, rejected orders and archived orders
  28. Orders display screen to highlight orders coming from same address,  same region and same payment processing system
  29. Admin panel to generate shipment tracking codes and address labels
  30. Full fledged reporting section to generate Daily, Weekly & Monthly reports on sales,stock and customers with download in excel option

 Do you want to know more about online shop development?

There is no doubt that our ‘eCommerce solutions’ beat the competition in price, quality and functionality. If you would like a proposal, a demonstration or wish to learn more, please contact us for detailed information.




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