Our Open Source Product : Website CMS package. Prices start from $5,000


For the purpose of fast custom implementation of the feature rich web applications with strong functional component and administration back-end, we have built a well designed package that offers a complete solution to fulfill your needs of having a website which will capture your visitor’s attention and give them a reason to stay. Thus, providing you the return of investment you are expecting. It quite literally allows you to control and manage the content within your web site – without technical training. Using this uncomplicated system you can very easily add, delete images and edit text in your web site on the fly. You can also have an unlimited number of pages and a full site-search engine. Some of its feautures are

  1. Responsive Template that re sizes itself on monitors with different screen size and resolution
  2. Different Design Structure on every page
  3. Dynamic Sidebars
  4. A 100% dynamic content management solution to allow a complete non technical person to add/update content on the website.
  5. Ability to add users with different access rights
  6. Contact Email submission from
  7. RFQ Form
  8. Video Gallery
  9. Blog
  10. News & Happenings
  11. SEO Optimized Code
  12.  Mobile Ready
  13.  Social Sharing Widgets
  14. Poll Widget
  15. Social events widget
  16. News-wire creation and Broadcast

Prices start from $5,000 . 

Once the website is built and ready, we also help you in marketing your website by creating custom built emailers and broadcasting to your email list. We would also lend you our expertise in creating and managing such lists.

Once we have developed your CMS site, it belongs to you. There are no monthly fees – no license fees – no maintenance fees – you are not tied to us in any way. You login to your own website to control your own content. You have complete independence and total control! If you should require any support, then of course we are there for you.

Simply contact us for a hands-on demonstration and see how CMS can help you to become highly competitive on the world wide web.


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