Quality of life : Prashant Mendiratta

I am sure for most of the people quality of life means different things. God created every one equal but yet every person goes on to become a unique person as driven by the environment and challenges. I feel life is a pure maths; you are a sum product of your environment and experiences.

Are you enjoying a good quality of life? This question is so baffling to many and yet response is same; yes; I am. I guess to answer this question one needs to understand the meaning of life. Zindagi ka matlab (?).

Wheel of life

Wheel of life

Good quality of life means to me doing what I really want.

First thing in the morning I really dig opening my PC and checking emails and skype messages from clients. It gives me the biggest thrill of the day to execute and deliver work as asked in these emails and chats. Later in the day towards I start checking my phone for messages and missed calls ( as I rarely asnwer my phone during the day). I look forward to invites from my friends for getting together for drinks, coffee, badminton, movies, a simple meet to do some gupshup.

I have arrived in life; not yet. I will do once atleast 80% of my weekends are engaged with dinning/shopping/playing/catching english movies out with friends irrespective of who is paying.

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