Rang Barse : Bhang, Gujiya and Gulal

concocting_bhangIn a country as diverse as India, naturally each festival like Holi is celebrated with different traditions. In many parts of India many people drink Bhaang—an intoxicating drink. This is also added to some mouth-watering delicacies like pakoras and thandai to enhance the mood of the festival.

Bhang is also associated with Lord Shiva and the fact that Holi comes few days after Mahashivratri gives credence to this association. Bhang unlike other intoxicants like Charas and Ganja is eaten and not smoked. Bhang is large green leaves and flowering shoots of a plant crushed in to pulp with requisite amount of water.


Gujiya is traditional sweet khoya stuffed delicacy with a shiny yellow colour eaten commonly dunked in sugar syrup. gujiyaIt is India’s version of Dunkin doughnuts comesin several colours and flavours. If you have calories weighing in your mind, perhaps Gujiya is not the right thing for you to eat.





gulalLike Diwali, Holi is fast becoming an Indian festival played with Chinese goods. Most of the stuff that we see in the market like water guns, pichkaris, colours.. are made in China. Playing Holi with organic colours is the new trend catching up in India as people are getting aware of the threat of synthetic colours to skin, hair and environment. You see at many places people use Chandan, Turmeric, Rose Flowers extracts as colours to apply on each other.






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