Rise above the rest, think different. Build your online reputition

Google your name and see what you get.

online-reputationA grunt tweet from an old dis-satisfied employee or product complaint from a customer lying around for many months and suddenly google seach engine has ranked it on the first page.

There aren’t many people who would speak good about you even if you are doing an excellent job. You slip up once and in this modern digital world with laws not so strict about maligning some one’s reputation on line, suddenly you see that you are not shown in a positive light.

I guess it could be time to catch bull by its horn. If no one is writing good about you; you could start doing it yourself by having a portal and adding content regularly.

So even if a negative remark about you has slipped in to an online domain, it would get hidden by dozens of positive reviews about and your company.

A nice looking website can speak volumes about your business sense and personality.