Sledging : Has it done any good to Aussies? : Prashant Mendiratta

sledge2Australia cricket team over the past 2 decades has become infamous for verbally insulting and intimidating opposition players. The close-in fielders do trash talking in attempt to break the batsman’s concentration, thereby causing him to make mistakes. Sledging that started as a harmless banter reached such epic proportions that people started comparing sledging with mental disintegration.

Indians have always been at the receiving end of sledging till the 2007–08 Indian tour of Australia when Harbhajan Singh gave it back to Aussies by calling Andrew Symonds a Monkey.sledge

Has it worked for Aussies, this time. The answer is clear NO. Australia team  has been on loosing spree ever since they landed on India soil few weeks back. Yet they played nicely and often complimented India players on their skills even comparing man of the 3rd match Shikhar Dhawan with Bradman. They have won many friends on this tour by their gamesmanship untill the Ferozshak Kotla match at New Delhi.

Aussies have been loosing badly but yet they have been able to take the matches in to the final day. The practice of sledging started with Delhi match and this time they have lost badly too and the worse part is that  match got over in 3 days. So not only they lost the series 4-0; they added to their humiliation by loosing all the friends they had made in India.

I think Indian players with their high skill levels taught a big lesson to sledging Aussies that cricket is a game of skills and not verbal abuses.


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