Spring is in the air – Season of flowers

springflowersSpring is a unique season with its variety of flowers and myriad of colours to show everyone how colorful and beautiful this world is. Spring Flowers are beautiful and fragrant. Changing seasons have a profound effect on plant and animal life. Spring is the time of renewal of plant life.

Nature awakens in Spring, and Spring Flowers bloom. Spring is a wonderful time of the year for fresh Spring Flowers, particularly Spring flower bulbs. In spring, plants and trees sprout new leaves and Flowers bloom.

Many different species of Spring Flowers grow from bulbs. Spring gardeners and Flower lovers often overlook spring-flowers-1minor bulbs in favor of the larger showier bulbs such as Daffodils, Tulips, and Hyacinths that bloom later.

The minor bulbs do have a useful place in home landscapes as they extend the season of bloom and give the gardener a “jump on spring.” These are best purchased and planted in the fall so that they Flower in Spring, just like other Spring Flowering Bulbs.

Crocus are considered by many as the first Spring Flowers, however many minor bulbs bloom even earlier during Spring. These early bloomers are usually short and small, but if planted in mass, they can be most effective in the landscape.

For me Spring is about getting back outdoors, taking weekend mini-breaks and planning for your summer trips. The exams are over for kids and financial year closing is behind us and there are some good packages that travel companies are offering. It is time to bit the travel bug and start soon on your holidays.

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