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Do something that the world will find awesome : Prashant Mendiratta

In this economy with people loosing jobs and new entrants find it difficult to get a job; you come across several people asking for advice. You also come across many youngsters who really don’t need to work; but still want to work to get an occupation and recognition. Most of us must have noticed that many of such people end up working as Property Dealers or agents for builders. They may be making good money; but let me ask you is it a profession that is trendy. So; choose a profession of the new millennium. Go online. Most of us …

Quality of life : Prashant Mendiratta

I am sure for most of the people quality of life means different things. God created every one equal but yet every person goes on to become a unique person as driven by the environment and challenges. I feel life is a pure maths; you are a sum product of your environment and experiences. Are you enjoying a good quality of life? This question is so baffling to many and yet response is same; yes; I am. I guess to answer this question one needs to understand the meaning of life. Zindagi ka matlab (?). Good quality of life means …