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Google Glass Updated With Google+ and Hangout Notifications

Owners of Google Glass are reporting that Google is rolling out the device’s first software update, and changing the version name to XE5. According to Phandroid, the update’s improvements include bug fixes, optimizations and improvements. What’s more, data syncing in the background now requires power and Wi-Fi connection, transcription of queries and messages is faster, and the battery-charge estimation has been improved. The new features include incoming Google+ and Hangout notifications, with the ability to comment and +1 posts directly through Glass. The update can be received over-the-air; to initiate it, the device must be plugged into a charger.


Google glasses; a revolution in the making..

BE warned: another hi-tech revolution is in the air. Google has begun distributing the first of its highly controversial Google Glass specs to hundreds of trial users in the US. The cyber headgear is not so much a pair of specs as wearable computer-phones, each with a tiny display, camera, bone-conducting speaker and microphone mounted on a spectacle frame and perched just above the wearer’s right eye. Google glasses will go on sale to the public early next year, and some analysts are predicting as many as nine million people will be wearing them by 2016. That prospect is regarded …