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Should and could Microsoft buy Nook Media for $1 billion?

A report claims Microsoft is considering buying the Barnes & Noble Nook Media venture for $1 billion. Are there any signs indicating this is in the cards? TechCrunch is reporting that Microsoft is mulling the idea of buying out the Nook Media venture in which Microsoft invested $300 million last year. TechCrunch claims it has obtained “internal documents” which indicate Microsoft may pay $1 billion for the assets of Nook Media. Does this make any sense? Given I thought rumors of Microsoft buying Skype and Yammer (both of which Redmond ended up purchasing) were pretty ludicrous, I’d say I’m probably …

Microsoft frames Skype in inboxes

The integration of the video chat and messaging service with Microsoft’s free e-mail service is rolling out to U.K. users now and will be available in the U.S. “in the coming weeks.” Microsoft is delivering Skype to users’ inboxes. A preview, which combines the video chat and messaging service with the tech giant’s free e-mail service, is being introduced now to users in the U.K. and will be rolled out to users in the U.S. and Germany “in the coming weeks.” Further international expansion is expected this summer, the company announced Monday evening. Microsoft promotes the integration as “less …