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never complain

Don’t complain, don’t explain. Just move on with your life.

You would have already come across a situation where you wanted to explain yourself badly. It didn’t work out the way you would have liked. Either the other party was not interested in your explanation or it wasn’t satisfied with it Usually people would do what they want to do in a conflict situation which could be totally different from the way you would have expected. Best course of action is to just SHUT UP and move on. Conserve you energy to do something better rather than to try changing the world. No body likes the whining child. Pessimism doesn’t achieve …


Why should we judge everything good or bad? Let us be content with the way things are..

There is a state of life which is in between good or bad. It is the state of contentment and happiness. pronouncing your judgement on everything good or bad is could be a sign of hidden anxiety. Let us celebrate the life with the things as they are without being judgemental. Life isn’t black or white. It is a million shades of grey. Let’s take the classic case of Vijender Singh, a celebrated boxer under investigation for drug possession and abuse. It’s always easier to state categorically that what he did was wrong, drug use is wrong, than it is to think about how the situation …