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Ofcourse one would say that you feel relaxed, rejuvenated and in general happy after a hard game of badminton. Sometimes a game of badminton shows you interesting stuff that you least expected. Few days ago; on our way back home after few hard games of badminton in which I lost 2 and won 2 ( so the score is even here); I suggested that we stop over for a small drink. Idea was to pour a miniature each in a glass of diet coke, crack jokes before getting back some. So we stopped at a liquor store and bought a quart of absolut vodka. In the past also we have got together for a pint of beer and some gupshup  and these have been a short and uneventful nothing to write about outings .



I guess sometimes hard liquor plays tricks on people and we kind of went on a roller coaster ride of fun and frolic after finishing the quart. A friend suggested that evening is just warming up and so let us have some more. So this is when it all started what I would call as hangover part 3 for 3 of us. So we went on from one quart to another and then to a full bottle. The main protagonist; a rather cute and interesting person started recounting some interesting events from his past and we all shared funny instances that we have lived.

Let's get drunk to shoo away the butterflies

Let’s get drunk to shoo away the butterflies

Woke up next day on a weekend with a funny hangover and  did not play as some of us conveniently reported sick.

Finally played yesterday and relived the experience by narrating it to a partner who was missing on the night out.

Looking back; i would say that there is more to life than drinking silly and hopefully will go to starbucks next time we decide to get together after a hard game of badminton.

Prashant Mendirata

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