Who am I kidding.. It’s all about me and only me : Prashant Mendiratta

meWhat could be more important than you? Your children?

I think the biggest gift that you can give your children is “Stay Healthy” while they are growing up and trying to carve out a place for themselves in this big bad world. You guiding force will matter a lot of them.

No one likes their parents who are always complaining to being sick, whose life revolves around keeping track of medicines and doctors.

So you come first. You need to realize your importance first and whoever doesn’t might as well confine himself of the life of misery and sicknesses. Pamper yourself; give yourself what you want, surround yourself with people who you like not people who you feel are richer than you; because you are worth it.

Take a start by saying NO to things that you really don’t fancy like going to  a dinner party where you will be an absolute stranger, going shopping with your spouse, picking up your children after the tennis/music/chess lessons.

Lift yourself, recharge your batteries and try out these tips.urimportant

- Connect with people : Host a cocktail or a dinner party

- Visit a spa for aromatherapy and message.

- Take a swim

- Play a team sports

- Pay Holi.

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