Badminton, how it all started : Prashant Mendiratta

Come winters and you start hogging. You start frequenting your favorite chinese joints like sidewok, moet, mainland china and the extra pounds that you have been adding keep hidden under layers of clothing in Delhi winters. Come the onset of summers and you start shedding extra layers of clothes and start looking in the mirror in your birthday suit; the one the god created when you were born. Immediately noticing the hanging flesh around tummy; you mount a weighing machine and voila! you have put on 5 kgs of weight.

I travelled on this journey from 75 Kg to 80 Kg this winters and realized that somewhere along the dark winter nights; I had started feeling and looking old.

I had been going for Yoga and Gym sessions earlier and somehow after a certain point of time they got boring.  So I decided to give badminton a shot. Badminton is a team sport and you need people to play with unlike Gym and Yoga where you could do alone. So herein lies the difference. Team sports make life interesting as there are different and amusing people in your team. You loose; you win.. you crack jokes.. you bully people; and sometimes you get bullied.  And in the process you sweat, your limbs soar and you start loosing weight.

With loosing weight comes the exhilarating feeling that people start noticing the changes with in you and start complementing on how smartly you are dressed up where in you have been wearing the same clothes for years.

I need to take you back in time a month ago how this started. On my first trip to the stadium looking a little lost and lonely; I was going from one court to another asking players if they need me to complete the group. First 1-2 days every one started with saying no to my overtures. For guys like me rejection doesn’t worry us so much as we are used to it from our college days so I keep going there again. Finally on my 3rd day I found a person whose partners did not come in time and so we started playing. One person in the group took my number and called up the next day to invite me to join them for a game. Luckily this person stays in the same neighbourhood and I get a ride every time we play badminton.

how it started..

how it started..

My game is improving; rallies are getting longer; weather is getting warmner and I am getting lighter.

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